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So...Long time no see by Death2Moogles
So...Long time no see
It's getting dark, you should probably go home. You crazy kids.

I love them

Asieem is ochibrochi's little angel~
SA: Kiss Uma's Fruit by Death2Moogles
SA: Kiss Uma's Fruit


I had to re-draw it like 50 billion (two) times because I'm a dookie head and forget to save things.
Hyrule High: Logan Green by Death2Moogles
Hyrule High: Logan Green


I have no other words at the moment. It's 4am. I needed a simple group to mess around in for a while. 

Also, stoner Deku scrubs FTW! 


Name: Logan Matthew Anthony Green
Nickname: L-MAG, Green
Age: 17
Height: 6' 8"
Gender: Male
Race: Deku Scrub
Major: Music
Personality: Logan tends to keep to himself. His head is usually buried into a pair of headphones. It's not that he's anti-social, but because he's...well...mute. Every now and again he'll attempt to communicate with deku squeaks, hums, and moans but not a lot of people really understand those. He'll often use hand gestures and the like to at least get his point across. He's super relaxed and actually very caring. However, you'd never guess it when you're met with a heavy awkward silence and a "pierce your soul" blank stare. Though he may not seem very approachable, he genuinely enjoys conversation and is a very good listener.      

+ Rain
+ 90's Grunge Metal
+ Hats and hoodies
+ Secretly loves Trap Music

- People messing with/taking his hat (He WILL hit you)
- LOUD rooms/people/things. If it's not music, STFU.
- The Cold
- Waitng
- Morning

- Logan is essentially a tree. He's 6' 8" and 93 lbs. He wears layers of clothing to try to beef himself up a bit.
- He gets frustrated easily when it comes to his emotions. He feels like he can't adequately express himself. That's where music comes in.
- He plays both the Bass Guitar and Drums. Both are his favorite.
- Logan is a Capricorn. His birthday is January 3rd.
- He always smells like pine cones and weed.....Wonder why? >_>
SA: Guess who? by Death2Moogles
SA: Guess who?

So I felt like she's been gone a while....

A LONG while.

And there needs to be some explaining. So, what had happened was, Dhalmun ditched her on the surface. And because of her mischievous Loftwing, she had to essentially tackle down and tame a Hrok to make it back up. 

You think somebody would have gone down to look for her >_>
SA: Uma- Freshman Knight by Death2Moogles
SA: Uma- Freshman Knight
Long time no SEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! <3 <3 <3 

This is Uma's Freshman knight character sheet (obviously~)!

Don't really have much to put in the description. It's just a bunch of updated info and items and doo-dads. 

Good to be back in the game, baby!



Island: Chronos Desert
Loftwing's Name: Dhalmun 
Age: 18
Height: 6' 4"
Gender: Female
Personal Items: 
- Boomerang
- Red Potion
- Sail Cloth
- Beginner's Sword

Personality: Since she was a child, Uma has always been mischievous. She's almost always plotting her next attempt to cause a little chaos. She can be rather judgmental, very blunt, and to the point. This troublesome, almost snotty behavior (combined with her extreme laziness) has made her quite a few enemies in the past and it doesn't seem like she'll be making many friends if it continues. 

Brief Bio: Uma was raised by her father. However, when she was growing up, he really wasn't around as often as he would've liked. After her mother had passed, he picked up a second job, and eventually a third one- constantly working long hours and leaving Uma to fend for herself. With her looming boredom and loneliness she developed a longing for attention and found the best way to get it was to cause a bit of mischief. For years this has been trying at her father's patience. Now that she is of age, he sent her off to the Skyloft Academy hoping that taking care of a Loftwing and becoming a knight will teach her a bit of responsibility and discipline.

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