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ROA Xander: DRMTI14 by Death2Moogles
ROA Xander: DRMTI14

Daily Rogue Mission; Tier I 

14. Is there someone in the Rogues that you wish you knew better? If so then who?

"Hmm...I'm not sure...There are SO many ladies er-....-People to choose from..."
ROA Xander: DRMTI05 by Death2Moogles
ROA Xander: DRMTI05

Daily Rogue Mission; Tier I 

5. Tell us about your past. What did your Somebody look like?

"Hmm...Unfortunately, I don't quite remember things as clearly as I would like... I do remember a chipper, golden haired young man...and the slight tinge of heartache that his memory is associated with."
ROA Xander: DRMTI15 by Death2Moogles
ROA Xander: DRMTI15

Daily Rogue Mission; Teir I

15. What animal represents you best?

"A cat! Playful, independent, clean. A silent hunter."  

You thought I going to say a Horse, weren't you? :D
Roa-xander by Death2Moogles

Name: Xander
Proof of Existence: "The Man of Many"
World: London (The Sword in the Stone)
Somebody's name: Alex LaPointe
Age: 25
Sex: Male
Element: Multiplication
Weapon: Two handed Great Sword named "Hearth Heart"

Personality: Xander can be incredibly arrogant. He's flashy and dramatic, not at all shy. Some could say "his overconfidence is his weakness". But through all the obnoxious gloating and drama, he can actually be a likeable person. He will always go out of his way to help a friend in need. Especially if it's a lady friend...

Element use: Xander's element is Multiplication. He has the ability to make several versions of himself by dividing the HP he has among his copies. His clones also have this ability by allotting a part of their own HP into another.- For example- If Xander has 100 HP he can make 2 copies, each with 25 HP. Leaving himself with 50. His copies may act, think and speak on their own accord but mostly do as Xander tells them. When a copy dies, Xander loses that chunk of HP. He does not feel the pain if his copies are injured, only if they die. When a copy has fulfilled it's purpose, Xander -at anytime- can absorb the amount of HP back and the copy is destroyed. 
Somebody's Story: Alex LaPointe was a beautiful man. An exceptional knight with long blonde hair and hazel eyes. He was elegant, sophisticated, charming and confident. Though there were many choices of women he could have, only one had him truly captivated. A petite red headed girl named Robin. She would constantly laugh at him, tease him and scoff at his attempts to court her. But time and time again Alex tried for her hand. A tournament is held every spring and Alex had planned to participate. Certain he would win, he had declared his love for Robin and dedicated his win to her. In the end he had failed miserably and became the laughing stock of the tourney. Embarrassed, he rode away deep into the woods to escape the mockery and clear his thoughts. It was then when he stumbled upon a cottage and spotted an old woman hanging her laundry to dry. She could see he was upset so she offered to talk and listen. He wanted to leave but felt it would be rude to turn down her kindness. So he sat and talked. He told her about Robin, about his loss and about what he wishes he could be so that Robin might like him. Touched by his story, the old woman decided to help turning him into a horse. Fast, strong, cunning. It was- in fact-everything he wanted to be. Though being a horse, he could not talk, or hold a sword. Let alone attempt to marry Robin. It turns out the woman was a witch, looking for a bit of fun with tricks and black sorcery. She would not turn him back. Instead of seeking help, Alex ran further into the woods where he spent the remainder of his life as...well...a horse. His sadness and suffering grew, attracting the heartless. When they attacked, his will to become human again was so strong that he came back as Xander, the man of many. 

Rogues Of Axiom:  Xander was only in OI for a very brief amount of time. He had received his first mission. When he looked it over, it was simple enough. However, something bothered him and he was unsure as to what. So instead, he ran. He left the castle for a good while. No alliances, no organizations, he just wandered. He felt empty. Is this what being a nobody is? He was just born, it seemed, yesterday. He was confused and scared and wanted answers. Unbiased answers. 

Random facts:
- Xander names each one of his copies and can always tell the difference between them. His copies have their own personalities and are all together their own person, really. 
- He refers to all mechanical things as "Sorcery".
- He has a very low tolerance level for stupidity. He will tell you if you're being dumb, but he'll try to do so as kindly as possible. However, he can only fake being nice for so long.


WHAT THE FUUUUUUUUUC- Yo <3 Hope this is acceptable! I was a bit hesitant, feeling like I recycled a character. HOWEVER- I LOVE XANDER AND I GOT INTO OI ABOUT THE SAME TIME I  REALLY HIT MY HIATUS.

Also- The difference between 3 years of artwork, wtffff-
So...Long time no see by Death2Moogles
So...Long time no see
It's getting dark, you should probably go home. You crazy kids.

I love them

Asieem is ochibrochi's little angel~

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